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Underwater Inspection

Blue Connect provides various underwater inspection services for our customers.

By using the leading ROV technology, we can provide our customer a HD image or video report for their inspection. 


Hull Inspection

Our trained crew can utilize ROVs to monitor your hull without the need to dry dock your boat or vessel.

No need to send divers into unknown areas, let us assist you in revealing any damage or issues.

2 Pipe Inspection 2.png

Pipe Inspection

Let us make pipe inspections easy - our operators can cover a huge area in a day, taking photos and videos of items and areas of interest, allowing you to make better decisions and upkeep your pipes with no hassle.

3 Tank 2.jpg

Water Tank Inspection

Tired of having to drain tanks and send men to perform time-consuming Water Tank Inspection? With our trained ROV handlers, we can help you do it with no fuss, combining safety and speed to solve your problems ASAP.


Piling Inspection

With the ability to get into areas that are difficult for normal divers, our trained ROV handlers can easily record defects and issues during piling inspection that may require future attention.


Underwater Environment Survey

Equipped with Cameras, Multi-Beam Sonars and other such tools, our ROV handlers have proven effective in providing valuable information through Underwater Environment Surveys

save and rescue.jpg

Search and Secure

Bad weather conditions, animals and dangerous underwater objects poses a severe threat to divers attempting a Search and Rescue operation. Let our ROVs handlers mitigate the risks by sending in their drones in order to ensure safety first

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