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Blue Connect is a company from Singapore that delivers solutions for Refrigeration and HVAC systems in Marine Offshore and Industrial fields. Due to the high quality of their products they are incredibly renowned in the Refrigeration and HVAC industry

Blue Connect has a multitude of products such as Air Conditioning systems ,Provision Refrigeration Systems and Ventilation systems all of which are built by our professional engineers.


What can Blue Connect help you with?



Axial Flow Fan 风机 01.jpg

Axial Flow Fan

Axial Flow Fan designed and fabricated for comfort in marine and offshore applications

Open Type 开放式 01.jpg

 AC Unit

Marine Condensing Unit designed for convenience and protection to enable it to work even in extreme conditions

Twin Condensing Unit 双机组 01.jpg

Twin Condensing Unit

Twin Condensing Unit specially designed with two identical condensing units that can back each other up having to independent refrigeration circuits.

Electric Control Panel 电控制面板(1).jpg

Electrical Control Panel

Many kinds of electrical control panels including but not limited to traditional electrical-mechanical control panels and direct digital control panels

Provision Condensing Unit 冷藏压缩冷凝机组 开启式 01.jpg

Provision Condensing Unit

Provision Refrigerating Unit specially designed for provisions to store on board

MGO Cooling System(1).jpg

MGO Cooling System

Guarantees low sulfur marine gas oil viscosity and is specially designed to cool low sculpture fuel to raise viscosity for diesel engines and boilers 

Retangular Silencer 01jpg.jpg


Rectangular silencer that can be used for any air transfer applications

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