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Security Robot


The autonomous security robots, with models starting from A6, serve a variety of functions including patrol, special operations, danger alerts, troubleshooting, automatic obstacle avoidance, fixed-point voice broadcast, face recognition, all-around video surveillance, one-touch SOS alarm, environmental monitoring, and voice intercom. This outdoor automated security robot series is designed to meet the security needs of smart cities, residential communities, commercial plazas, industrial parks, border crossings, and various other locations.


These security patrol robots find application in exhibition halls, museums, star hotels, server rooms, electric power facilities, and other similar environments.


A602 Security Robot


A601 Smart Surveillance Robot

Key Advantages

Unmanned Inspection

The security patrol robot requires no manual intervention for unattended management. It autonomously performs tasks such as automatic path planning, independent execution, data collection, and analysis. Through the execution of its tasks, it collects and analyzes big data, leveraging cloud computing to enable unmanned inspections.

Intelligent Linkage

Our security robot system includes a dedicated linkage protocol interface, facilitating intelligent integration with fire-fighting systems, early warning systems, public security systems, and other compatible platforms. This allows for seamless coordination and collaboration, enhancing overall security capabilities.

Public Security

The security patrol robot excels in identifying and pinpointing criminals and suspicious individuals, aiding security personnel in enhancing operational efficiency. It facilitates guidance, evacuation, and crowd management in densely populated areas, effectively maintaining public security.

Environmental Monitoring

The security patrol robot comes equipped with a range of sensors capable of real-time detection of smoke, combustible gas, PM2.5, temperature variations, and fire sources. It promptly issues alarms, warnings, and notifications for any abnormalities, ensuring timely response and maintenance.

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