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IT Troubleshooting and Decommissioning

IT plays a very important part in the operations of many companies today. When the IT infrastructure of the company goes down, it can find itself losing much valuable time and manpower trying to get it back online

At Blue Connect, our trained technicians are able to able to swiftly troubleshoot your IT issues with maximum efficiency, allowing you to return to full work capabilities ASAP.

Additionally, as technology is always advancing, companies are always seeking to upgrade their systems. In with the new means out with the old, and we can help you with the disposal of the unwanted, while helping you retain what you need.

Some of our IT Troubleshooting and Decommissioning services include

  • Diagnosing hardware problems

  • Acquiring replacement parts

  • Installation of software systems

  • Extracting data from Hard Drives / storage

  • Erasing of sensitive / confidential data

  • Disposal of unwanted computer and parts such as Wi-Fi switches, routers etc

  • Packaging and transportation of carryover assets

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