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Indoor Robot Platform

The indoor autonomous robot is gaining widespread adoption across various indoor workplaces due to its user-friendly interaction modes and seamless human-machine collaboration capabilities. Equipped with cutting-edge sensors and AI algorithms, this robot navigates and operates autonomously within indoor environments, enhancing work efficiency while reducing operational and labor costs.

This innovative robot is designed to seamlessly integrate into human workflows, performing tasks such as goods delivery, surface disinfection, and tray handling. Its advanced features empower it to adapt to diverse workplace requirements, making it a valuable asset in optimizing indoor operations.

Key Advantages


Indoor autonomous robots, including our indoor delivery and hospital delivery models, utilize a sophisticated blend of multi-sensor technology and SLAM algorithms to achieve precise autonomous positioning, navigation, and a range of intelligent functions. Through the integration of LIDAR, ultrasonic radar, 3D depth vision sensors, and other advanced sensors, coupled with continuous SLAM optimization, our robots excel in adaptive navigation, intelligent obstacle avoidance, dynamic path planning, and more.

This comprehensive sensor suite and SLAM algorithmic approach ensure seamless adaptation to various indoor environments and applications. With an impressive indoor positioning accuracy of ±50mm, our robots deliver reliability and efficiency across diverse operational scenarios.

  • Our indoor robot operates on the ROS system, integrating multi-sensor technology and SLAM algorithms alongside a robust management platform and scheduling system.

  • With advanced features, our indoor autonomous robots offer fixed-location movement, autonomous cruising, intelligent obstacle avoidance, dynamic path planning, automatic charging, fleet scheduling, and collaborative operations.

  • Designed for human-robot collaboration, our versatile indoor autonomous robots cater to a wide array of applications. From smart warehouse mobile robots to indoor delivery systems, logistics support, restaurant service, environmental disinfection, medical supplies transportation, hospital deliveries, and luggage handling, they enhance efficiency and reduce labor costs.

A200 Series Warehouse Robot


A300 Series Indoor Delivery Robot


A400 Series Retail Robot


A500 Series Baggage Handling Robot

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