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Four-wheel Drive & Four-wheel Steering Platform


The A012 model is a four-wheel vehicle that boasts an independent suspension and driving platform. Its multi-link suspension system provides each driving wheel with independent suspension, ensuring stability when driving on bumpy roads.

Additionally, all four wheels are steerable, allowing turning in place and small turning radius steering.

This vehicle's adaptability surpasses that of conventional Ackermann and Four-wheel differential platforms, making it an ideal choice for off-road driving, navigating rough terrain, and maneuvering in tight spaces.



Multiple drive options

4 wheel drive and 2 week steering


Four Wheel Independent

Suspension System

Front and rear anti-roll

bar design

Key Advantages

Rough road crossing ability, effective shock-absorbing, 0 turning, stable and reliable performance, flexible movement, specially designed for most indoor and outdoor application scenarios.

A012 Pro Presentation ver.jpg
  • It adopts four-wheel independent suspension, four-wheel independent drive, and four-wheel steering, with a strong crossing performance, quite flexible.

  • The mobile platform can realize autonomous navigation by installing navigation and other functional modules. Suitable for outdoor logistics, inspection, etc.

  • Supporting forward and backward, small radius turning, and steering in place. It has smooth driving and low noise. The tires are not easy to wear.







Wheel Diameter

Min Ground Clearance

Turning Radius

Max Climbing Capability

Running Speed

Total Equipment Weight

620 mm

520 mm

340 mm

Patented Multi-link Independent suspension design

420 mm

200 mm

≥50 mm (full load)

20°(full load)

0~8 km/h

44 kg

Battery Type

Battery Capacity

Battery Life

Charging Time

Electric Control Box Size

Driving Motor

Steering Motor

Battery Protection Function

Drive Form

Max Obstacle Surmounting

Max Payload

Lithium Iron Phosphate

36V 18Ah/30Ah

4~6 Hour

3~4 Hour

530×195×188 mm

250×4 W

100×2 W

Overcharge, over discharge, short circuit protection

Four-wheel steering & four-wheel

44 mm



Special Inspection Robot.jpg

Special Inspection Robot


Security Robot

Logistic Robot Solution.jpg

Logistic Robot

A012 Pro Presentation ver_edited.jpg

Building Survey and Mapping Robot

A012 Pro Presentation ver.jpg

Mobile Manipulator Robot

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